Dogs have an overwhelming desire to chew, or otherwise mouth things, no matter how old they are. Here’s a handy run-down of the top five kinds of toys your doggy best friend will love.


A rope is very sturdy and can take a fair bit of chewing before it breaks. If your dog tends to burn through rubber toys like they’re going out of style, try getting her some rope toys instead. They’ll last her longer, and they’re much better for the environment. You can even play with them with her, as there are lots of tug-o-war rope toys on the market. The downside of rope is the strands getting loose and littering your house. 


Rubber toys come in pretty much any shape and size you can imagine. If you love novelty items, then these are the toys you want lying around your house. They can take some chewing, but they tend to break into bits quite fast. If your dog likes to eat bits of everything, you’ll want to watch him with rubber toys. They aren’t great for the environment either, but there are some greener brands out there.


Every dog lover has lovingly selected a plushie for their dog, to have it ripped to shreds in five seconds flat. But hey, if that makes them happy, go for it. Be mindful to choose plushies made for dogs, though, so you know they’re non-toxic and don’t have small parts. Some plushies are purposefully designed to be tough, so there’s more of a chew element to play, rather than just cuddling or shredding them. Plushies make a lovely gift for a new dog in the family. They’re also useful if your dog has a particular favorite — it can go to the vets or the kennels with her and keep her company. She’ll feel like she’s not far from home.


The amount of bored dogs in the country is ridiculous, especially when something so simple can cure boredom. There would be a lot less dog bite insurance claims if every dog had a puzzle toy. Puzzle toys can keep your dog busy for hours, and they’re often chewable too. They come in all colors and designs — some are more like bowls, whereas others dispense treats. The best thing about puzzle toys is their multiple uses, especially if you have a chewer who loves balls.  


The dog lover’s favorite — squeaky toys. It’s probably best to supervise playtime with squeaky toys because of the squeaker inside, especially if you have a younger dog. Some dogs are afraid of loud noises, especially those with a rough background, so introduce your dog to squeakers slowly and gently. 

With all these toys to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! It’s so important to provide your canine family with proper toys and enough playtime with you. There’s bound to be something you both love in one or more of these ranges.