Every pet parent knows how their dog loves the water. If they had a choice, they would stay frolicking in water the whole day with you, but pet parents must also know the different types of dangers that can arise while their dog is playing in the water. Dogs that are active in water need to be monitored carefully and they must be given regular breaks. Also, after playing hard or exercising, dogs must not be allowed to lap up all the water in the bowl in one go. They need to be given a break in between to prevent electrolyte imbalance. Knowing a little bit of CPR and First Aid for pets is very important for pet owners. In an emergency situation like water intoxication, if you know what step to take next, you will be able to save your pet fast.

Many dogs can be victims of hypo or hypernatremia when playing in the water, a condition where sodium content in your pet’s body can be extremely low or extremely high, both are not good for their health. Ingesting too much of fresh water can lead to hyponatremia and ingesting too much salty water can lead to hypernatremia, which can lead to a variety of symptoms and can prove fatal.

In order to know all about the different issues that water can create for your loved pet, please go through this infographic from Top Dog Tips which will give you all the necessary details and also the first aid that you can give at home before calling a vet.

Water Intoxication in Dog, What is It and How to Handle It