As many of you know, Pixar/Disney has released a new movie “Finding Dory”.  When “Finding Nemo” was released it had devastating effects on clownfish.  Clownfish sales went up by 40% and many were purchased by parents buying them for their kids without knowing anything about saltwater fish husbandry.  Luckily, many of the cheaper clownfish sold today are captive breed and it doesn’t have an effect on our oceans ecosystems.   This still caused a lot of fish their deaths because of buying on impulse without any education as to what they were getting into before purchasing.

The fish known as Dory is actually a Pacific Blue Tang ( Also known as a Hippo Tang, Regal Tang, Pallette Surgeonfish, or Flagtail Surgeonfish ).  These fish will not breed in captivity, so everyone you see in the pet store was wild caught from the ocean and brought into the saltwater hobby.  This means every single fish purchased takes a toll on the oceans, which are already in a lot of trouble.  If you notice, by looking at the Pacific Blue Tangs profile, the fish gets rather large ( around a foot long at full size ) and requires a very large fish tank to thrive ( 150 gallon tank requirement ).  These fish swim in the open waters of the oceans for very long distances.  Even when small they require large tanks to thrive.  

If you are still interested in purchasing a Pacific Blue Tang, please have a look at our article about planning for your new saltwater hobby.  The saltwater hobby is exciting and fun, but costs thousands of dollars to do it the correct way to keep your animals alive.  Please plan and consider what is required before blindly purchasing a “Dory” fish ( Pacific Blue Tang ) for your children.  Instead of purchasing saltwater fish, which are much harder to care for, think about a small 10 gallon freshwater tank with a couple small hardy fish along with some Dory based ornaments.  Please use our article about fishless cycling to stop “new tank syndrome” deaths.  This will allow your child to have some fun fish to watch with a Dory theme to keep them entertained.

*Dory photo by Pixar