It is important to try, if at all possible, to purchase animals for our reef tanks that are captive bred.  There are many more choices for captive bred animals than in the past.  Captive bred animals do often cost a bit more, but it doesn’t impact our oceans and the animals are often more hardy and accepting of a closed habitat.  Also, most all wild caught fish carry parasites such as worms and they can infect your system, which can be a very hard thing to deal with. Please, before purchasing a new fish or coral for your reef tank, try your best to find one that has been captive raised.  Some of the captive bred fish available today are:

Cardinal Fish
Many types of Clownfish
Many types of Pseudochromis
Many types of Gobies
Some Seahorse Species

More and more fish are starting to be captive bred from expanding technology and growing expertise of salt water experts learning more effective ways to deliver nutrients to their tiny young. Together, with a little work, we can all cause our planet less impact and still enjoy the many wonders it has to offer us.