How often do you give your dog or cat a piece of what you are eating for a treat because they are begging or because you figure just one little piece won’t hurt them?  Many pet owners think that just because it’s a small bite that it’s no big deal, however you would be amazed at the amount of calories you are really feeding your pet.  The chart below gives a small sample of calorie comparisons for certain food items between dogs or cats and humans.  You may also want to check out the Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods for Dogs to ensure that your dog never receives these toxic foods for any reason.  Some of the food items may surprise you!

Do you know that for a 20 pound dog, 1 small oatmeal cookie…

…is the caloric equivalent of 1 hamburger or 1 entire chocolate bar for a person?



If a 10 pound cat ate just 1 ounce of cheddar cheese…


…it would be the same as if a person ate 3 1/2 hamburgers or 4 whole chocolate bars.



For a 20 pound dog, eating just 1 hotdog…


…is the same as a person consuming 3 entire hamburgers or 2 whole chocolate bars.



Just 1 potato chip for a 10 pound cat…


…is the caloric equivalent of 1/2 of a hamburger or 1/2 of a chocolate bar for a person.



Only 1 ounce of cheddar cheese for a 20 pound dog…


…has the same number of calories as 2 1/2 hamburgers or 1 1/2 chocolate bars do for a person.



Do you know that for a 10 pound cat, 1 cup of milk…


…has the same number of calories as 4 1/2 hamburgers or 5 chocolate bars for a person?