French Bulldog Health Information The French Bulldog is currently the 6th most popular dog breed. They are playful, smart, and adaptable to their surroundings. The are a small sized dog with medium energy and a big personality. 


Common Name:
French Bulldog; Frenchie
Scientific Name:
Canis Familiaris
Breed Group:
Non-Sporting Group
Life Span:French Bulldog Puppy
11 – 13 Years
19 – 28 Pounds
Coat Type:

The French Bulldog has a short, smooth coat and only requires occasional grooming, including frequent cleaning of skin folds. The Frenchie will benefit from weekly brushing as they are moderate shedders. 


Temperament / Behavior:

French Bulldogs thrive on close contact with their people and do not enjoy being alone for long period of time. While they do bark to draw attention to their owners, they rarely bark in general, making them fantastic apartment dwelling dogs.  They are patient and loving and do particularly well with children and other pets.



Frenchies have fairly minimal exercise requirements, but will benefit from daily short walks. Because of their short snouts, care should be taken when walking them in extreme elements, particularly when it’s hot and humid. They are fantastic lap dogs and will love snuggling on the couch or bed with you.

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