Havanese Dog Breed
The Havanese dog is part of the Bichon breed family. They have had a multitude of names throughout their history, including the White Cuban, the Dog of Havannah, and the Havana Silk Dog. They are small in size with long coats, tails that are carried over their back, and have huge personalities.
Common Name:


Scientific Name:

Canis Familiaris
Breed Group:
Havanese Dog BreedLife Span:
14-16 Years
7–14 Pounds
Coat Type:

The Havanese has a very soft and durable coat.  A unique feature of the coat – it is actual hair, not fur! They can be found in a variety of colors and patterns with the most common being white, cream, fawn, red, chocolate brown, beige, gold, silver, blue, and black. Patterns vary from one solid color to brindle, tri-color, sable, and several others.

The Havanese has a double-coat that is long, soft, wavy, and silky. The outer coat is intended to keep the dog cool in tropical environments. Since they originate in hot weather, Havanese do not do well in cold environments, despite the coat appearing warm. and they become cold very easily.

Occasional bathing and weekly brushing will keep the Havanese’s coat in good shape. Though they do not shed, the coat will become tangled without regular brushing.

Temperament / Behavior:

The Havanese is a particularly smart breed and they are easy to train, though they can be difficult to house-train, as is common with many toy breeds. They are an easy dog to litter train. They become very attached to their owner and may suffer separation anxiety when left alone.

Havanese have often been dubbed as “clowns” due to their funny antics and their ways of getting their human’s attention, making for quite the entertaining dog. In addition, they make great watchdogs, but aren’t overly yappy.



While Havanese are lively and active, but do not require a large amount of exercise.  Inside play or yard play is sufficient, though they do enjoy walks and regular playtimes.

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