Male Betta Fish


Common Name:
Betta; Siamese Fighting Fish

Scientific Name:
Betta splendens

Thailand, Captive Raised / Farm Raised

Water Type:

Water Temperature:
75° – 86°

Female Betta Fish

Female Betta Fish



Maximum Size:

Minimum Tank Size: 
1 Gallon / 3.8 Liters



Bettas are very well suited to many different environments.  It is not recommended keeping betta fish in extremely small volumes of water as some say you can.  It is true that in the wild at specific times of the year when drought is present, their areas of water will dry up and they will end up in small pools for a period of time until the rains return, however, these small areas of water are not a thriving environment for these fish and they need much more water to be healthy.  One gallon of water is the bare minimum but more water volume is appreciated.   Aeration is not absolutely required but is a very big plus.

Betta fish will do well in community tanks as so long as fin nippers and other betta fish are not present.  Male Bettas will kill female betta fish if left in the tank together and should only be put together while trying to breed.  As soon as the male mates with the female he will become aggressive toward her.  Fin nippers such as tiger barbs will kill betta fish so be wary of such tank mates and take care to not put these fish together.

For further information on keeping a betta fish please see our more in-depth article on Betta Fish Care.  


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