German Blue Ram Freshwater FishCategory:

Common Name:
German Blue Ram

Scientific Name:
Colisa lalia

Water Type:

Water Temperature:
72° – 79° F


5.0 – 7.0

Maximum Size:

Minimum Tank Size: 
30 Gallons



 The German Blue Ram is very similar to its other more aggressive cichlid cousins but in fact is a peaceful dwelling fish. Color markings can be blue, orange, red, yellow, and black. Rams do appreciate softer water than most cichlids but typically will thrive in most water conditions as long as it’s clean. Keeping a few fake plants and constructing caves is a plus for rams as they enjoy the cover and it helps them to feel safer in their environment.

When rams start the mating process they can quickly become aggressive towards one another. Having plenty of caves, plants, and other hiding spots is critical in ensuring the safety of your fish. Females will lay their eggs on flat rocky surfaces. Even though the rams are not mouthbrooders, they will quickly take the fry into their mouths in the event of danger. The male and female will protect the eggs and fry until they are old enough to be on their own.

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