Common Name:

Scientific Name:
Poecilia reticulata


Water Temperature:Water Type:

68° – 78°


5.5 – 8.0

Maximum Size:

Minimum Tank Size: 
10 Gallons



Guppies are a great starter fish for older children to start with in the aquaria hobby.  Guppies will tolerate a wide variety of water parameters, often even if they are outside of the desired spec, and most all guppies found in stores are captive-bred so there are no adverse effects to the environment by keeping them.  They are hardy and will typically thrive in most environments.  Guppies are very prolific and will rapidly reproduce when allowed.  The parents and other adult guppies will eat the young after they give birth if left in the same tank together.  Guppies are one of the few fish that gives live birth to their fry.  If keeping the young is desired, it’s best to separate the parents from the fry.  Secondly, supplying very dense decorations in the tank can aide in more fry surviving, but many will still perish due to the adults eating them if left together.  If you are interested in rearing the young, care must be taken to not overcrowd the tank they are in.  The general rule for guppies is 1″ of fish per 1-gallon of water.  This means a 10-gallon tank should only really house about 4 to 6 guppies in total.  

Guppies enjoy decorations such as plants ( live or fake ), rocks, and other cave-like hiding places to go to when they feel threatened.  They typically are active swimmers and will swim about the tank, which makes them ideal for older children as they are enjoyable to watch.  Feed guppies a high-quality fish food based on fish meal and algae in order to give them a complete diet.  


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