TetraNeon Tetra Freshwater Fish Care

Common Name:
Neon Tetra

Scientific Name:
Paracheirodon innesi

Malaysia, Captive Raised 

Water Type:

Water Temperature:
68° – 78°


5.0 – 7.0

Maximum Size:

Minimum Tank Size: 
10 Gallons



Neon Tetras are great additions to any community fresh water tank.  They typically will swim in shoals if kept in large enough groups.  Typically it’s best to keep 6 or more neon tetras to help ensure they will naturally swim together as a group.  If kept in smaller groups they sometimes can lose each other easily and will typically not be nearly as active in the tank.  

Neon tetras along with other tetras don’t have scales so take care when adding salt or any medication to the system as they are less tolerant than fish with scales.  Often medications will recommend a lower dose for scaleless fish so be sure to read any and all directions fully before use.

Neon tetras will sometimes breed in the aquarium if the environment and conditions are correct.  They prefer a dim lit tank with plenty of plants and places to hide.  The eggs will hatch approximately 30 hours after laying.  Adults should be removed from the tank immediately after laying eggs as they will consume their young upon hatching.  The fry will require feeding of live foods such as mosquito larva or baby brine shrimp until frozen and flake foods are accepted by the young.


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