Multi-Color AngelfishCategory:

Common Name:
Multi-Color Angelfish

Scientific Name:
Centropyge multicolor

Water Type:

Water Temperature:
72° – 78° F


Water pH:
8.1 – 8.4

Specific Gravity:
1.020 – 1.025

Maximum Size:


Reef Safe:
With Caution

The multi-color angelfish should not be housed with other angels. Dwarf angelfish are much more aggressive towards other angelfish. If you decide to try to have more than one angelfish be sure you have a very large tank with plenty of live rock. It’s best to place both angels in the tank at the very same time so one isn’t already established in the aquarium before the new comer arrives. Must use caution when adding to a reef tank as the multi-color angelfish will sometimes nip corals. The Multi-Color Angelfish is a very active swimmer and will enjoy plenty of live rock to swim through. Feed a mixture of flake, frozen, and live foods to help simulate its natural diet. This fish is very sensitive to copper medications and they should be avoided if at all possible.

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