Ocellaris ClownfishCategory:

Common Names:
Ocellaris Clownfish

Scientific Name:
Amphiprion ocellaris


Water Type:

Water Temperature:
72°-78° F / 22° – 25° C


Water pH:
8.1 – 8.4

Specific Gravity:
1.020 – 1.025

Maximum Size:

Minimum Tank Size:
30 Gallons / 114 Liters


Reef Safe:

The Ocellaris Clownfish is a great starter saltwater fish.  They are mostly all raised in captivity so the oceans don’t see ill effects from these fish being in the hobby.  They are hardy fish and will tolerate a wide range of conditions in the home aquarium.  Ocellaris Clownfish will often find a home in a coral or anemone if available and stick very close to that area.  They can sometimes irritate corals that are not accustomed to fish hosting in them so care should be taken if corals become too stressed.  

Clownfish, in general, are all born as males.  Once they are of the appropriate age they will pair up with another clown and the dominate clownfish will change sex to a female.  This is called Protandrous hermaphrodites.  After the young clownfish changes to a female, this can never be undone and the fish will remain female for the remainder of her life.  If the female dies in a mated pair the male will change into a female then find a new male to become its mate.  

Oscellaris Clownfish are one of the easiest clownfish to reproduce in captivity.  This doesn’t mean it’s easy to do, but compared to other saltwater fish they are one of the easier fish to raise.  The eggs of a clownfish are about the size of the O in the word God on a penny, for reference of size.  When they hatch the fry are extremely small and can only eat the smallest of live foods, known as rotifers.  These rotifers themselves are not nutritious to the young clowns so the rotifers must be fed algae before being fed to the young fry until they are old enough to consume baby brine shrimp and other larger foods.