furminatorWith four dogs in the house we generate a LOT of dog hair every day.  After being frustrated with the various dog brushes we have tried over the years we decided to give the FURminator a try.  It is simply the best de-shedding tool we’ve ever used!

The FURminator comes in three different sizes for dogs (small, medium, large) and is also available for cats, horses and other livestock.  The price ranges anywhere from $25 to $50 (US) and it is worth every penny.  Most pet store chains carry the FURminator, however in our area the store prices were almost double what the Pet Research Store price is.  (Any purchases you make through the Pet Research Store helps to support this site.)

The shedding tool can be used everyday, but it is not necessary to use it that often.  Grooming your pet with the FURminator for about 10 to 20 minutes once or twice a week will reduce shedding up to 90% – the results are amazing!  The tool works by combing through the outer top coat of fur and gripping onto the dead, loose undercoat fur that your dog has already naturally shed.  Using the FURminator allows that hair to be put in the trash rather than on your floors or furniture.  It does not cut or damage the fur.

The FURminator should not be used to remove mats or tangles and should not be used on a wet coat. The larger tools have replacement blades that can be purchased, however one blade should last the lifetime of a pet.  FURminator, Inc also carries deShedding shampoos, conditioners and dog treats.

The pile of fur below was extracted in a short 10 minute session with a Great Pyrenees that is groomed weekly with the FURminator…and he loves it!

Furminator Dog Shedding Brush

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