1. Don’t put a bunny near cords – They like to chew them.
  2. Don’t feed a bunny Ice Burg lettuce – This is poisonous.
  3. Don’t feed a bunny to many sugary treats – This can hurt a bunny in the long run.
  4. Don’t use cat litter or newspaper as bedding – Cat litter blows up in the bunny’s belly and newspaper has ink which is poisonous in large amounts.
  5. Don’t feed a rabbit chocolate – This is poisonous.
  6. Do let a bunny out to run and play – They need exercise.
  7. Do make sure that a bunny has hay and water constantly – They can never get enough.
  8. Do clean their cage at least once a week – They get smelly fast.
  9. Do give a bunny a place to hide in their house – They like their alone time.
  10. Don’t scare or hit a bunny – this can cause aggressive behavior.

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