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In case you are searching for a rabbit breed that is perfect for your kid to own, below are some of the best bunny breeds that you can choose from.

If you are thinking of introducing your kid into the world of pet keeping, there are a few things that you should consider when choosing the perfect pet for your child. Among the myriads of factors, having a pet which will allow your kid to be involved in its management and care while enjoying the pet’s cuddles are some of the most crucial ones. In regards to this, the best type of pet that fits such a profile is a rabbit, which explains why a significant number of children own rabbits as their first pets.

The advantages that are strung along with getting a pet rabbit for your kid are volumes more as compared to the high-maintenance types of pets such as dogs or the more independent kind like cats. However, you will do well to note that this shouldn’t mislead you into thinking that rabbits are “beginner” kind of pets which hardly require conscientious or specialist care.

In light of this, in case you’ve decided that getting a rabbit for your child is the best pet-choice you could come up with, there is a critical fact that you should always remember. This is that in the long run, you are required to be the person that is ultimately responsible for its husbandry and care. This entails closely supervising your kid’s care of the bunny and even stepping in at times and taking total control whenever the need arises.

As long as you have all the above aspects etched in your mind and that your kid is happy and willing to own a rabbit, the next step that you should take is deciding what type of rabbit you should gift him/her. There are vast numbers of different rabbit species for domestic purposes that are popular around the globe, and some are better pets for younger keepers as compared to others.

1. The Miniature Lop-eared

The Miniature Lop-eared Rabbit

Image credit: Pets4Homes

The mini lop-eared bunny otherwise known as The miniature is one of the most popular and highly desirable rabbit species due to its unmatched cuteness! These rabbits are not only smaller than most of the other rabbit species, but they also have floppy ears which gives them an additional appeal. This means that they are rabbits that command a keen crowd of fans from both the young and old age-groups.

The miniature Lop-eared rabbit is not only gentle and kind, but it is also one of the most inquisitive and playful rabbit species that you will come across. These qualities are responsible for crafting this rabbit’s intelligence hence making it amenable to learning some basic commands as well as doing some little tricks! Having said all these, in case you have an enthusiastic and playful child that would like a pet that he/she can actively interact with, then this is the best pick. However, due to the fact that it’s a small size pet, it’s crucial for you to teach your kid to handle it with utmost caution.

2. The Dutch Rabbit

Black and White Dutch Rabbit

The Dutch rabbit ranks as one of the most widely recognizable and most familiar rabbit species in the globe. In fact, a good number of adults have great childhood memories of keeping these rabbits as their pets.

Generally, they are docile and calm animals that can be easily tamed and aren’t readily susceptible to stress. In addition to this, the Dutch rabbit enjoys human beings` company, thus making them one of the most friendly rabbit species that you could ever come across. In light of this, it is safe to say that they are the gentlest of bunny breeds that suit responsible children, provided that they are handled properly, socialized and treated kindly.

3. The Harlequin

Image Credit: ResearchGate.net

This is among the unique bunny species due to its bright coat that has patterns of about two or three different colors that are often distributed as conspicuous stripes along its body. While the harlequin rabbits that are chosen for show quality require very impressive and distinctive markings, there are myriads of beautiful harlequins that are on sale as pets. Often, these are an excellent choice for children’s pets.

The Harlequin rabbit is not only kind and calm, but it is also amenable to snuggling on people’s laps. It is both an intelligent and playful animal which can quickly learn a few tricks as well as adapt to using a litter tray for a house rabbit.

4. The Chinchilla

Chinchilla Rabbit

The Chinchilla is a rabbit breed that is liked explicitly for its unique coat. For those who haven’t seen this animal, the emphasis laid on its coat could seem like an over-exaggeration of things, but this opinion is bound to change once they have laid eyes upon the Chinchilla. This is because its coat has one of the rarest natural blends of colors. It is short, gray and is exceptionally silky and fluffy, with an appearance that is close in resemblance with the famous chinchilla rodent. These qualities make this rabbit pleasant to pet and stroke (qualities that are highly treasured by young kids). In addition to this, these are excellent house rabbits that easily get used to sharing the same roof with children as well as other pets. Also, the Chinchilla bunnies are known for their playfulness, intelligence, and curiosity of wanting to involve themselves in everything.

5. The Himalayan

Himalayan Rabbit

Image credit: PetOwners.org.uk

The Himalayan rabbits are renowned for having one of the unique characters as compared to the contemporaries we have mentioned above. This character is that they are among the most laid-back and calmest of all the rabbit breeds in existence. These qualities are what make them famous around the globe as children’s pets due to their ease of maintenance and handling. They are also playful and unlikely to scratch or bite if properly handled.

The Himalayan bunnies deliberately seek the presence of family for purposes of their entertainment or attention thus making them fun companions for little kids.

Rabbits are among the cutest animals that you can ever come across, both in their appearance and in their character. As we’ve seen above, some bunnies have eye-catching coats that act as the canvas of a gifted painter while others have simple gray but gorgeous coats. For those that don’t have such exciting coats, you find that they are wired to form the perfect of friendship bonds with kids due to their playful nature as well as ease of learning tricks (which kids find immensely intriguing) among many other qualities.

Has this article been eye-opening? Is there a rabbit species that you’ve liked from the ones we’ve talked about?