1. Do keep gerbils in same sex pairs.
  2. Do make sure your gerbils always have water and food.
  3. Don’t keep your gerbil’s tank or cage in the sunlight or where there are drafts.
  4. Don’t hold or pull a gerbil by the tail.
  5. Do clean your gerbil’s cage every couple of weeks.
  6. Do keep the gerbil cage closed securely.
  7. Do give a gerbil plenty of cardboard to chew – toilet paper rolls are perfect.
  8. Don’t hold a gerbil very far away from the ground – they are jumpy and can easily get hurt.
  9. Do stay calm while holding a gerbil, the calmer you are the calmer they are.
  10. Don’t give a gerbil a bath.  Instead, give them pet dust for a natural dust bath.