If you’re planning to embark on a road trip this year, you have probably thought of bringing along your pet. As a dog owner, planning to take a trip with Frido can take a lot of thought and planning, such as seeing if they can handle being in a car, dog-friendly pit stops and where you’ll stop for potty breaks. These are all aspects of a pet road trip that need to be considered to ensure a smooth ride.

If you’re new to taking road trips with your pet, you may need some tips before you can set out on your trip. We’ve put together 12 road trip routes and destinations based on proximity to pet-friendly locations in various cities. We also highlighted stop like beaches, hikes, parks and more that are all dog-friendly to make sure you and your dog have many different things to do. Whether you live in Portland or Tampa, you’re bound to find a road trip that’s perfect for you and your pup.

Although this list does not include all of the possible trips you can take, these are certainly a great way to get started and plan a new adventure with your dog in tow! We decided to stick to mapping out pet-friendly road trips instead of hotels since that’s what we know best.