Please, never kill a nest of honey bees, even if you find them living around your house.  I don’t expect you to live with them right outside your door but there are better ways of fixing the problem rather than killing them.  First off, honey bees are one of the most important insects in our ecosystem.  They pollinate plants more than all other methods combined, and of course the honey and pollen they produce that humans consume.  Think of a world without these bees.  Crops would not produce near as effectively, fruit trees would produce less fruit, and plants in general would not do as well.  These bees are in serious trouble for unknown reasons.  Many think it’s related to the high pitch frequencies that cell phones emit but it is still being researched.  Whatever the reason we need to continue to figure out a solution to help save these animals so it doesn’t cause a world wide catastrophe for our food sources.

What do I do if I find a swarm of bees or if they are living around my house?

honeybeeIf you find honey bees living around your house the first step is to get on the Internet.  Look for a local Beekeepers Association in your area.  Start with a Google search such as “Beekeepers Association City State”.  (Be sure to change out City and State for your actual location in the search phrase.)  Many Beekeepers Associations have a list of numbers to call right on their website of local beekeepers that will quickly and happily remove the bees from your premises for no charge, as long as they are not within the walls of a building or a house.  Many will also remove them from such places for a nominal fee for their effort.  Remember, a beekeeper wants more bee hives and a swarm is surely worth their time to come pick up to increase their stock.  This not only helps the beekeeper but also allows the honey bees to stay alive and continue to pollinate and produce a honey crop. I have also found numerous entries on Craigs List for free swarm removal in different areas.

If you can’t find a Beekeepers Association online try contacting your local wildlife association, they may be able to help you find some numbers to call for bee removal.  You could also try to talk to any local farmers as they often have relationships with beekeepers for pollination of their crops and they may have contact information for a local beekeeper.

Honey bees are very seldom aggressive ( of course I’m NOT speaking of Africanized bees ) and they only sting you out of fear to protect their hive.  Native honey bees are very laid back normally and will tolerate a lot as long as it doesn’t spook them.  If you find bees around your house and can’t find anyone to help you, feel free to leave a comment on this post and I will do my best to assist you in finding a beekeeper in your local area.  If you are a beekeeper and would like to leave your contact information in the comments section feel free to as well.