Squirrrel FeederDo you have bird feeders that are often sought after by squirrels?  We have often had the same problem.  We don’t dislike the squirrels, we actually enjoy them just as much as watching birds, but we would rather them leave the bird feeders alone.

One way to help discourage squirrels from raiding your bird feeder is to offer them a food source more suited for their taste.  You can purchase many different types of squirrel feeders from your local pet store.  One of the cheapest solutions is to buy a closed top squirrel feeder.  You will pay more for the feeder, but buying shelled corn is much cheaper than buying corn on the cob.  You can offer many different types of food this way such as shelled corn, peanuts (squirrels love peanuts), seeds, and any other nut you can get your hands on.  You can purchase 50lbs of shelled corn at most pet stores for a very small fee.  We pay a bit over $6.00 for a 50lb bag and it will last a long time.  By offering the squirrels a source of food such as corn or nuts they will be more likely to be attracted to it than the seed found in bird feeders because it is a more natural food source for them. It also helps to place the squirrel feeder in a location away from the bird feeders so they aren’t tempted to take a taste from both.

This will most likely not completely solve your problem, especially if you let the squirrel feeder run empty, however it will decrease their desire to raid your bird’s food by a large amount.  Also, you can try binding the top of the bird feeder with wire so it’s harder for them to open it and get to the seed.

Don’t be upset with your furry friends, they are hungry and just want to satisfy their belly just as you would if you were hungry.  Try to play around with different ideas to attract them away from your bird feeders and into your squirrel feeders.  They will add a real treat to your backyard with their playful antics and rambunctious ways.  Try it today and see for yourself how much fun they can add to your life.